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Refinance Checklist

  • Attendance: It is imperative that all parties attend the closing. If this presents a problem, please notify us immediately.
  • Condominium Lien Release: If the property is a condominium, you will need to contact a statement from the condominium association indicating that all condo fees and assessments are paid to date.
  • Mobile Homes: If the property is a mobile home, you will need to contact the park owner to obtain a statement that the park rent fees are paid to date.
  • Mortgage Payoff Information: You need to provide us with the lender names, loan numbers, and telephone numbers for all the current mortgages on your property. You will need to freeze any home equity accounts, and provide written authorization for us to obtain the payoff statement(s). We need this information as soon as possible in the process, as many lenders now require significant advance writing notice for payoff information.
  • Tax Bill: Please send us the most recent tax bill for the property. If it is unpaid, the lender may require us to pay it at closing. If it has been paid prior to closing, we will need a paid receipt from the tax office.
  • Photo Identification: Each borrower needs to bring a valid driver’s license (or photo identification) to the closing for notary purposes.
  • Cashier’s Check or wire: The check or wire should be payable to our office in an amount we will provide prior to closing. If this closing is a cash-out refinance, there may be no funds required. We will be able to determine this only when the final figures are completed.

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