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Closing/Settlement Process
  1. Receive the title request: The Closing Department opens a file, and begins collecting information for the closing.

  2. Perform the title search: The Attorney conducts a search of the County’s Registry of Deeds and Probate records to determine who owns the property; the liens or attachments on the property; and if there are any easements, covenants and restrictions on how the owner can use the property.

  3. Schedule the closing for a convenient date and time with all parties.

  4. Prepare the Closing Disclosure and other closing documents.

  5. Conduct the closing: sign all pertinent legal documents, including deeds, mortgages, lender documents and state forms. We prepare recordable documents for the Registry of Deeds.

  6. Collect and disburse all closing funds for the charges collected on the Closing Disclosure.

  7. After the documents are recorded, we will issue the title insurance policies.


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